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WBL7 Backlash Radio - Twitter - @Backlash7Radio - Cleveland, Oh. Our Twitter Acccount Runs Like A Radio Station, Tweeting Out a New Great New Song By an Independent Artist, Every 15 to 20 minutes.

WBL7 Backlash Radio | Online Music Promotion Ministry | Cleveland, OH

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Edited 7/10/2016

BACKLASH PROMOTIONS!!! SINCE 2012!!! Promoting Indie Music of ALL Genre's Via This website and our Twitter account with over 475,000+ followers from all over the world, with a potential RT reach of over 331,500,000+ and Including 86 Verified Followers From Big Businesses, Other Music Bloggers, Musicians, Concert Promoters, Small Record Companies, Indie Lables, PR and A&R People, News Reporters and others as well. We also boast 1000's of other non-verified, but highly influential people on twitter as well. Other tweeters have also added us to 308 different lists of specialized tweeters also, Gain MASS exposure! We will promote your music for free! Be sure to click on the follow us tab on the left of the screen! Thx!

All of our music promotions is twitter and website based, we do not air live or streaming radio, we do not offer royalties to the artists we hand select but do give them the ability to sell thier music on the landing pages we promo for them free of charge. We select who we think people will enjoy and people we think have the talent to go somewhere in the industry, consider us to be the stepping stone to becoming a professional musician or take your independent career a little further. We promo a new song that has been submitted to us and rotate them about every 15 to 20 minutes on twitter. God Bless!

***Are you someone in the industry that would like to submit articles for us for publication on our website? Great! Just Follow the 'Contact Us' Link and let us know, Thx!


Get Your Music or Company Promoted With Backlash Promotions.

Music Promotion and other promotions though twitter is what we do!. taking the talented Worldwide Through Social Media

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